We Have Entered the Black Hole of WW2

Okay let’s jump right in so hitler becomes leader of germany. He became germany’s chancellor he secretly had the reichsteg burned so he can issue and give himself emergency powers.In order to obtain all the power hitler did something known the night of the long knifes.What he did was one night in 1934 he got is nazi friends to kill all the major opposition to hitler and is “Supreme Rich”. Then in 1934 Anti-jewish laws are put in to place. The nazi party becomes the only political party in germany. Then nazis murder the Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss in order to set it up to be annexed. The current german president dies and Hitler becomes Fuhrer of germany. Hitler breaks the treaty of versatile by issuing military conscription which increases it’s military size by having almost every be forced to join the military. Then the german Gestapo is placed above the law and can do what it want’s.German troops occupy the Rhineland.Mussolini’s Italian forces take Ethiopia.Civil war erupts in Spain.Olympic games begin in Berlin.Franco declared head of Spanish State. Now all of this should have sparked red flags for france and England. But they decided let germany do what it want’s and thought letting it take back it’s former land would appease hitlers appetite for war. Winston Churchill tried to get her majesties government to act but to no avail.Well that’s all folks OH wait if anyone as any thing you want to talk about comment or come up to me directly I just love to answer comments or just talk about stuff certainly when I like the topic.


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