Just Stuff

Okay so I was watching a t.v. show with my mom last night and it was Penn and Teller bulls&*(. So it was on creationism and I really wanted to talk about that but then I decide I would’ent open that can of worms because I deal with my uncle jason who is intolerant ignorant doughnozel but again not opening that can of worms unless asked or challenged.

So now we talk about the deference between zombies. Now first lets do the difficulty level between runners and shamblers. Before we start the great Max Brooks said it the best ever “People ask me if I can do a zombie survival guide on running zombies and I say I could it would just be a pamphlet that says kiss you’re as* goodbye.” To be honest thats all I can so for now my mind is going a mile a minute so its hard to stay focused im that perfect combo of tired and sick.

Warmongers now people always ask me why I like war now I could go all the major from hellsing ultimate and be like “I don’t like war I LOVE WAR!” but thats not the case. I don’t like war I am fasented by it and in a kinda sick way entertained by the things that come from it like strategy, military, games the, military, and airsoft, etc.

Oh lets talk about the three main combat groups. First is my least favorite which is open field combat it sucks that theres no cover but when there is in airsoft at least it is boring because its just an exsange of volleys. Second comes urban which is my personnel fav and most terrifying let me explain. When you have a bunch of armed people in a small place stuff gets chaotic as in I have had moments when one area is empty and ambusingly silent while the area I go into next is rounds going every where so I lean up against a wall pecking out to fire the occenaly panicked round with no where to run. Forest is like that in you can run you just don’t know where to run there have been moments when people I ambushed of run toward me and it’s been the other way around. Thats all I got for today and thanks btdubs.


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