Okay so watch da video

This is a short story for the blog so I have some word’s down for this one blog post Steve gripped the standard Issue Sergeant’s Power Sword. The men around him were being ripped apart by the dozen. The sight was about to make his stomach Content’s exit his body. The cold steel of the […]

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back on track (Not really)

Okay so now I will post an Elysian tribute like i said i would because well you know Imperial Guard fo life. So basically Elyisan drop troopers like to fly blow stuff then leave because there drop troopers. Oh and i want to give my brother Donovan the chance to find out all the Chaos […]

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I know

I Know i said I was going to do a tribute to the Elysain drop troopers well here’s a zombie guard fan fic instead. Hey this is my second story on this website and I realized that no one ever uses the Zombies that live in the 40k lore so why not tell me what […]

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