Hey I made It ahead of time

     Ch.2 The “Heretics Ascension” part 1

John and the rest of the sectors population were rapidly trained within 1 day. While the Imperial navy held back the chaos fleet’s. A few managed to get through the block but were dealt with by Reserve elements. But the fleets could not hold that stance forever so after we were trained and ready they fell back from the storm and took up standard defensive positions around key plants and stations. A few ships most were taken out hit Origin but 4 landed and were corrupting the surrounding area all over the planet. A massive plant wide assault plan was formed and enacted in a matter of hour’s john and the Regiment he was assigned to were to attack a ship called the “Heretics Assent”.

John and the rest of the men of the brand new 34th origin Guard Regiment. Ate geared up got into transports received a holo briefing and waited until they arrived at their destination. John sat waiting for his time in combat the sound of thousands of tank treads and Valkier and other aerial support craft made earing hard but the men tried. Others did other things like play card games, review their manuals, pray, or just enjoy what was most likely their final moments.

John was sleeping as his friends and comrades played card games like titans. As the road got rough John was awoken from his slumber.

“What’s our ETA?” A voice yelled out from the back of the cargo hold.

“Were about 2 hours out the 67th and 106 have already engaged.” The driver shouts out though the cockpit.

“Hey John you’re awake!” Kyle shot up from his seat and moved next to John.

“Don’t worry were no whe——-” He was cut of as dozens of laz rounds went through the tank one piercing the cabin blowing Kyle’s head into hundreds of pieces.

“Incoming! Get out get the F*&k out of the tank!” A commissar yelled releasing the emergency hatch and shoving men alive or dead out.

John grabbed his laz rifle dived out of the tank he glanced around trying to get a grip on the situation. All he could see was chaos cultist engage Guardsman In melee combat as a Few marines stood on the hillside firing rockets at the convoys heavy Units.

John ducked into some sandbags raised his laz gun and began to fire. A commissar rallied 3 squads and began a bayonet charge down the line to clear up the roads. John joined in, as did all other stranglers clearing every fortification of cultist who began to fall back into the hillside.

“Take up Defensive Positions!”  A commissar shouted while pulling his power sword from the open chest of a Chaos Enforcer. (They are the Commissars of Chaos.)

John began to scavenge ammo of of corpse and hand them out. When Demonic Chanting was heard. Then the most dreaded phase ever to Utterd by enemies of the Imperium.

“Blood For The Blood GOD! Skulls for the Skull throne!” Hundreds of Chaos space Marines Screamed as they came out of a portal opened by their Blood God Khorne.

“By the Emperor not them!” Dozens of guardsman let out in despair.

“AHHHHHHHH!” snapped John back to reality as he turned to see a Khorne Berserker break though and sandbag knocking 8 men over one rose up and drew his Bayonet. But was grabbed too quickly the Marine Ripped the man in half in seconds and tossed his corpse to the side. John fired into the marine’s neckpiece this only angered him. John plunged his bayonet into the eyepiece of the Marine and fired he could feel the Life drain from the Marine. John got up and looks at the Heretics Abominably Machine Infused face John turned around and sat down by the destroyed tank that started it all then he just blacked out.



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