I have bad news

okay here it is chapter 1 note My teacher just hit us with a Huge project and me being the little show off that I am picked a hard one so Ch.2 might have to wait for a week or two.


CH.1 The Arrival


The Commissar burst into the room and was followed by 7 Imperial Security force unit’s.

The man had realized that there was a siren blaring in the distance.


“Attention Imperial citizen you are hereby called to Service in the name of our almighty Imperium of man!” The Commissar let out.


The man got up and gave no resistance as he was taken outside he saw this process being repeated in every home in the town. Some poor sods tried to run and were cut down by the Defense forces. Finally they got on the street when the man thought about running he wasn’t going to die putting down some insurrection for the Imperium. But he looked up.


“By the Emperor.” He let out his jaw dropping and the thought of dissertation left his mind. At the sight of the warp storm in the dawn’s sky and the Armada of Chaos Ships pouring out of it like a swarm of ants going out of a crack in a wall.


He was shoved into the Chrima transport along with other Men and Women. The transport waited for a good few moment’s then it’s tracks began rolling. That’s when he realized that there was a faint mumbling coming from somewhere in the transport.



“What’s you’re name?” A man asked.


“Oh my names John. Do you have an idea what’s wrong with that guy over there?” John asked.


“Well it’s not everyday that a Warp storm pops up right next to a Sector like our’s. The names Kyle by the way.


John and kyle kept talking during the ride. then the tank came to an abrupt stop. The doors were opened and everyone was forced out into a field in the middle of a temporary F.O.B a quarter master came up and tossed the men a bag containing their gear.


“Welcome to your new home Boy’s!” the man yelled John had realized he had just arrived at the last free moment of his life.


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