Okay so this is the prologue to the new story that I will be writing and while most of this will not comp up in the story. I figured that it would be nice if you new the culture history and ways of the people in the sector that are having this forcefully driven away from them as they are butchered in there own streets or fall to the corrupting taint of Chaos.

In the late 41st millennium there is only war the Imperium of man is besieged on all sides by hordes of Xenos and fight with in due to Heretics mutant’s and the unclean.

On a faraway system called Kariva General Vance stubs valiantly held his line against a warp storm the chaos marines it brought the tau who wanted to ensure there safety the Eldar who wished to defeat there oldest enemies the Necrons, Necrons who had awoken on Kariva 3 dark eldar, orks, Even fellow members of the Imperium such as The space Marines and Sisters of battle.

After his great victory he and his new Regiment The 252nd Kariva Conservator Regiment went on to claim many planets for the Imperium. One of these sectors was the Origin sector having been raised by the Kariva Guard Rement’s the sectors population had an Unending hatred for the Sister of Battle seeing them as only Echaiscal Zealots who deemed all Heretics and Mutant’s.

How ever only had the upmost Respect for the Space Marines because while they had to be stooped on Kariva they had orders that Stubs could not let them follow for it would put his small hold on the sector at risk so everyone fought everyone for control of the sector.

The origin people were peaceful for the most part until and Tau force demanded half the sector in turn for peace then they rose up the whole sector even equipping children with las guns so they could repel the Invaders at eveyturn. Since then they have worked nonstop in the pursuits and Interest of the Imperium.

This is there history Expect CH.1 later 1 still after finish school which is almost done


4 thoughts on “Prologue

    1. there were some words nobody i knew know how to spell like echassice sorry i try it’s just that we have a time limit for post during school after vacation starts though when it’s not a grade it will be a lot better because i can spend more time on it


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