Okay so I’m on track for like a day

Ummmmm I don’t remember if I promised a certain tribute video but I’m going ahead and making one on I I guess I’m just doing the whole Guard because as I said in the last post I’m restating. Hers the quick story bewarned it will end rather suddenly.

The Guardsman stood in formation lazrifle’s primed and ready.

“Do not Give this Xenos filth 1inch of Imperial soil without paying for it!.” The Commissar yelled over the sound of hasty fortification’s being assembled.

we were silent all ether to scared or to focused to give him a response. they had descend on the us in the wake of a attempted Chaos uprising we should have excepted them considering the name for which The cultist fought the dark Eldar god. They had arrived right after The forces had been defeated and the Hive city they came from Purged in a holy Imperial Fire. They were fast and Relentless They Came out of the mist and Buttered you in second’s or worse dragged you away if you had become wounded. We had been fought back into an Imperial Chappell.

“We had some movement there dead now. check back in 5.” A voice came over the Vox from the forward Position. one dark hallway away

Five mintes passed.

“Come in post one, I repeat come in post one………Command Post one is down please advise.” A Vox Officer yelled into the input bead of a Vox set.

Nothing then we heard lazfire but not from the forward position from behind us. We all were frozen with fear Even the Commissar.

“How’ed they get behind us?!”

“What’s going on?!”

“This can’t be be happing!!!”

“Everyone silent an….” The Commissar was silent

A man came running down the rear hallway.

“Run there behind us……..” He was Silenced as a Beam of light went though him and Mandrake’s Dozen’s of them came poring in from the front and the rear they even came out of the celling. like a swarm of spider’s we were overrun in seconds all screaming and fighting filled with fear till the vey end.

Sorry for the quick ending


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