Okay so watch da video

This is a short story for the blog so I have some word’s down for this one blog post

Steve gripped the standard Issue Sergeant’s Power Sword. The men around him were being ripped apart by the dozen. The sight was about to make his stomach Content’s exit his body. The cold steel of the Rebreather reminded him if he did it would be stuck on his face for the duration of the battle which looking at the current state he knew he wouldn’t see to the end. He held it back preferring not to die with a bad taste in his mouth. He rose from the trench drilled the tip of the power sword into the back on an unexpecting Ork. It let out one final cry as its limb’s went stiff then just fell to the ground limp. He turned swung it again and braced his arm as it crashed against the skull of a Stormboy getting ready to jump into the air and pounce on a poor Servant of the Imperial Guard. Hearing the shout of another third target swinging an axe down to Crush his body and break his bones. He swung his power sword around to block hit the blade getting stopped by the solid wood of the axe’s handle the force nearly made Him lose his balance. The Ork was surprised and shocked at the fact that he had not been able to kill the Human. Seeing his opportunity the Sergeant drew his Lazpistol and fired his last few shot’s into the Ork’s chest. He glanced around and saw that The Imperial Forces had pushed back the second wave of Ork’s that came in its usual manner a massive green unrelenting tide. The sergeant stood tall and yelled a Chant he heard Crazed Imperial Priest yell in his many Battles under the Imperial banner.

“Fear Me but Follow!!” He yelled as he ran towards the Ork’s Positions.


The other Guard’s man joined in yelling as loud as they could. The Ork’s also sent a ran out at us and was followed by an ear piercing




An Ork grenade flew just above the Sergeant he looked back to see it hit a man in the chest. The men around let out a faint but sudden cry, which was silenced by the massive and loud Explosion as there, were atomized. The Sergeant turned back around and Ran toward the Ork’s When the Imperial Forces met the Ork’s it was Horrible men wear tossed around and torn apart. Heavy melee Combat Ensued. The Sergeant had cut down around another 8 Ork’s one of which was a Nob. But just as he was about to make it 9 he was forced onto the ground Armor broken and back broken. He couldn’t move and was losing all sensitivity. He was hit again he felt his skin bruise and bones break he let out a solid Cry. The Ork let down a third and final whomp and broke the sergeant’s back he was dead the Ork’s began a third WWWAAAAAAAAGGG! That overtook most of the sector.

 There now you can happily watch my video tomorrow because this was a long one.

Oh and hers a link to the orignal video.https://youtu.be/at_f98qOGY0


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