I am sleepy

I made up a story about the 568th Utes Guard here’s chapter 2. I would write something but i want to sleep


After a few months, the hive fleet finally blocked off the planet and cut off the three Regiments, overrunning one of them. The 569th Utes and the 98th Gamion was in the southern hemisphere and the 569th was in the northern hemisphere of the planet. By now all Imperial citizens were either dead, dying, missing in action, or in homemade militia units. After another few weeks it was decided the 569th was going to charge into the Enemy F.O.B and detonate a Thermonuclear device, denying the Tyranids that Biomass and hitting them where it hurt. (Now, a nuke in the late 41st is nothing, just another piece of Imperial Gear like the lazrifle. But when you’re cut off fighting the swarm, it’s all that you have.)


The rest of this event will be told though the only man to make it out alive in the 569th Commissar Fertion Levey.


The Commissar stood as the Guardsman got in their Chrima tanks with the Leman Russ Escorts. He got into the one for his platoon. He sat as the men took up positions every weapon they had would be needed for this offense the nuke was set so that if the attack failed it would detonate, taking a few million Tyranids with them.

“Vox check, I repeat, Vox check.” A voice came in the Vox on the transport.

“We read all Units green Ready to attack.” The transport operator said though his headset.

The tanks were already engaged and Guardsman got out and started running for the objective, then held their positions. In the Command Tank, everything was chaotic. Reports from the edge of the formation were grim.

“Sir! We can’t hold a line were fighting Tyranids not Orks we need to take the lead before they are fully mobilized!” One of the officers pleaded while approaching the General.

“No! We will hold here and wait for them to grow weary of battle then attack.” the General shouted back.

One of the Commissars leaned over to another and stated “Didn’t the General Oppose the plan to attack the Tyranids?” The other Commissar nodded “Yes. “


“And didn’t it say in the Report that genestealers were on this planet before and that the General was born here?”

“Yes what are yo………..Oh my god! He’s infected!” The commissar jumped at this realization.

The original Commissar drew his Boltgun and blew the general head off walked over to the Vox and gave the order to move out at full speed. That’s what Fertion was waiting for. He drew his chainsword, shouted a prayer to the Golden Throne, and lead a charge. All the men in his area followed suit. Grabbing the lazguns of dead guardsman Crew of destroyed tanks joined the Charge. But the Tyranids were too thick. Man after man was ripped apart. The men found a hole and while holding it, began to think all hope was lost right when a Tyranid Brood lord was about to enter the hole. But in the last second it was burned to a crisp. Hellhounds had arrived and were burrning a path for the Guardsman. They let out a cry as the Fertion pushed his way to the front chain sword still screaming. He couldn’t believe it the convoy had made it. After an hour they got the bomb to its point. That’s when the complication came in. All tanks were gone there would be no escaping the blast.


Fertion stood there, his clip dry and his sword clogged, as he stood side to side shoulder-to-shoulder with the brave men of Utes staring into the tide of Tyranids that would be there end. And for the first time since he left the Commissariat 57 years ago he was scared. That’s when a mixture of Transports and Hellhounds rammed through the horde, lowered their ramps, and the men piled in. Fertion stared out the weapon slot, almost losing an eye as a Homogaunt clawed at it. After 30 minutes, the blast happened. He saw the light before he heard the blast and then felt the blast wave. The tank was thrown up before he was able to get a clear thought . He was knocked unconscious just after seeing the gunner fly into one of the Bayonets of a lazrifle. When he awoke, bodies and debris was everywhere, and everyone was dead. He saw the mushroom cloud had faded so he didn’t know how long it had been.


After a few minutes of yelling for survivors, he heard that a Genestealer must have survived somehow. He drew a Commissars bolt pistol he had found it while searching the command tank. He though to himself that it was behind him.  Wait, in front of him…On the side. It was too fast. There was too much rumble for him to get a beat on it. Then it pounced and he ducked and let fly three rounds. It was dead, but it wasn’t alone. Two more came out of the shadows. He aimed and pulled the trigger. Click, Click Click…Damn it’s empty!” Fertion lowered his gun and let it hit the floor, raised his first ,and was ready to embrace death. The creature jumped and time slowed. Just as it got high enough, a lazround went through it. Fertion turned and  saw a guardsman wearing the Insignia of the Tanith  First and Only.

“Thanks!” Fertion yelled at the oddly dressed guard.

“No problem. Courtesy of Colonel Commissar Ibram gaunt and the 876th Cadia.” The man said a smile coming across his face.

“Reinforcements! How the Tyranids blocked the sector?”


He jumped at this news. It was amazing. He looked as Leman Russ tanks followed by infantry cleared a path through the rubble. It was over.


Or was it?


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