Now for a real blog post

Okay So I kinda forgot what I was going to say so I will wright a story off the top of my head where the only corrections will be   spelling related not this is timed so it might just stop like that so…….be warned.

The Swarm just keep coming the guard men of the 569th Uteas Guard Regiment could only follow protocol against the Tyranids buy as much time as possible for the rest of humanty. They were running out of tanks. Ammo was everywhere. There were guards if you did’t care scavenging the ripped up remains of what was once a fellow guard. The worst was Falling back past a city seeing all those people realize The Imprium had failed them………….wait no the worst was gaining ground in a city region because then you saw the bodies. Dear god! The bodies! Some would put up a defense in the name of the Imprium but others just seemed to lay down and give up. The Tyranids swarm had arrived months ago. The men of the Regiment were all awarded Medels for holding them off this long for a sector that wasn’t even there home! Well that only lasted a little while buy now we had stopped fighting for the sector as a whole. instead  we fought for the refugees and our selfs. On the fifth month A battle for A city outskirts proved on transcript how Imperial Codex as been Ignored.

The Men stood in a firing line letting unending volley after volley of Lazfire light up the Tyranids Flith. When the Swarm began to pass the Mine filed The Lemon Russ tanks opened up Tearing the Xenos Filth apart limb by limb Claw by Claw. The Guard man In the trenches not yet Able to Fire Yelled out in Hope and Courage Cheering and shouting as the Xenos were Burned to a crisp inside there Carapace Armor. but the fire died down as all always The tank Were blown apart from what We will never know but they did. And thats when the line fell Thats when all hope was lost and the True asset of the Guard was shown Courage! they still fought to there last pain filled breath Yelling There name while putting up a last stand. The last moments of the Commissar In charge of the battle were recorded by the helmet of a Guardsman.

The Men lean out of the trench firing into the swarm Watching after trench after trench fell in front of them The commissar rose up maybe in an attempt to lead a charge but he was hit he crawled into a tent When the Guards man rose up again with a full clip He saw the swarm in it’s whole all Something Billion of them racing towards him he walked into the tent shell shocked There was a commissar standing there bleeding out giving the guards man a salute
“You fought well son”

They swapped salutes then Died Yelling as Genstelers ripprd in the tent.


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