More Stuff I don’t know

Okay let’s take a vote.

1) If you want me to talk about my day to day life in the comments write 1

2) if you want me to make up warhammer fanfic’s write 2

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For now here’s a part of a fan fic i’m not done with.

Commissar Mauricius stared at the class of commissar cadets before him. So young, so fresh faced, so ignorant of the terrors they would face on the battle field and the darkness they would have to confront.

“Do you know anything about Genestealers?” asked Commissar Mauricius.
“They’re Tyrannid creatures, sir,” answered one of the bright-faced cadets.
Mauricius nodded.

“They are scouts for the hive fleet. A Genestealer infestation is normally followed by the arrival of the Tyrannid hive fleet in nearby space. But sometimes the hive fleet can take centuries to show up. Space is vast. The Imperium encountered Genestealers long before the Tyrannids first appeared.”

The Genestealers moved so quickly. Before the lieutenant could even raise a weapon, a Genestealer had sliced open his chest with its claw.

Commissar Mauricius looked with horror at the monstrous xenos. Blood poured down the carapace that covered its slender body. It’s pink head turned towards the Imperial officer, staring at him with bulbous glowing eyes.

Mauricius raised his laspistol and fired.

“A Genestealer infestation can begin with just one Genestealer infecting one human,” explained Mauricius. “Often it will be a salvage worker on a space hulk or crashed spacecraft who encounters a Genestealer. The xenos infects the human, altering not only his genetic code, but his mind and will. From that moment, the human is the slave of the xenos.”
The commissar noticed some his cadets shuddering in horror.

The first wave of attackers were not Genestealers, but human cult members. Many had shaved their heads in imitation of their xenos masters. Others bore strange twisted designs tattooed on their arms and faces. They wore no uniforms and were armed with crude weapons; autoguns, shotguns and stubbers.

The cult followers lacked the discipline of Imperial troops, but they made up for it in sheer fury. These were fanatics, utterly devoted to the cause of the brood.

“Your newly infected victim will suddenly be possessed by the desire to reproduce and will find a partner to fornicate with. In secret she will give birth to a monstrous child.”
The commissar displayed a pict for the cadets to view.

“The first generation hybrid Genestealer looks a lot like the purestrain. Over the generations, the newer hybrids look increasingly human. And believe me there will be a lot of them. The hybrid children will infect more humans who give birth to more of their kind. Usually, the original Genestealer will still be around on the scene. You see what I am getting at? These creatures have the potential to overrun an entire planet.”

The hybrids were better armed than their human servants. Most of them were equipped with laspistols and chainswords and a few even bore flamers and melta-guns. Nevertheless, they preferred to fight at close quarters. Some of the less human looking hybrids did not even use weapons and instead attacked with their vicious claws.
With their extra limbs, misshapen heads and crouched posture, these were a monstrous band. Yet they moved fast and were coming close to overwhelming Mauricius’ men. Only the intense firepower of the Imperial Guard was keeping them at bay.

“After three generations of hybrids, some of the infected humans will give birth to a strain of hybrids that look entirely human, though they are usually bald,” said the commissar. “These super-hybrids can mate with each other and reproduce like humans. But they don’t give birth to our kind, but pure Genestealers free from human genes. Thus begins a new cycle of Genestealer infestation.”
Mauricius frowned as he spoke. He did not enjoy talking about the abhorrent ways of xenos or even thinking about such matters. But these were things his cadets needed to know.

“The Genestealer brood are often proactive in infecting humans who display psychic ability. That way, psionic powers are passed on to the hybrids and the fourth-generation super-hybrids often manifest psychic ability most strongly. The one who shows the strongest psychic ability will become the Magus. He will be the one to lead the brood once it is large enough to strike against the Imperium.”

The Magus looked human, yet there was something inhuman about the way he moved. He was dressed in long dark blue robes with an hooded collar. He bore a force staff in one hand.
He began mumbling some words that the commissar could not hear.

Mauricius suddenly felt utterly cold, as though his muscles were freezing. An icy terror seemed to wash over him, as though his courage was being drained by the psychic Genestealer.

Then the inquisitor appeared. She was resplendent in golden armour, hung with devotional tokens and sacramentals. She raised her arm in a blocking gesture. Mauricius found himself free from the psychic hold that the magus had placed him in.

The Genestealer hybrid snarled in anger and prepared to launch another psychic assault.
But the inquisitor conjured up a ball of force energy from her hand and unleashed the blast of psychic force upon the Genestealer.


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