Part 4 “The Truth”

Ryan got up a quick shot of morphine got rid of the pain. He heard the distant sound of small arm’s fire. 6m4s 1saw (Squad automatic weapon) and countless AK-47s. He made his way to the firefight, after about 1 hour there was silence. This is when ryan began to use stealth to make it where he last heard the shot’s. Ryan made it to where he heard the shot’s and there sprawled all over the floor was the bodies of an entire company of Army rangers.

“A shame isn’t it” A voice came from behind Ryan. He drew his rifle as he turned.

“What Who are!”

“Down here you idiot.”

Ryan looked down there was his company C.O (Commanding Officer)

“What happened”

“We lost Ryan!       This is it.”

Ryan sat there in silence for a while.

“What do we do?…………..Sir?…. What do we do Sir!?”

He was dead Ryan got. When a message came out on all the radio’s it was code. Translated it said

“To all U.S. Forces in city north of the third defense line. We are sorry but we are laughing a massive airstrike in all city’s Get out now!”

Ryan didn’t leave the city instead he charged towards the enemy. Right when he let his first round fly it hit him. No not a bullet    mentally it hit him. He’s repeat these last 2 day’s some kinda of pushiment for giving up he had to stop it before he repeated it again he had to…………………..

Ryan woke up his B.C.U (Battle Combat uniform) In the warm desert sand next to him.


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