Part 3 “The Brink”

Ryan was geared and redeployed he was to join a platoon who was to relink with the 12th Marine Rifleman platoon.

“So who are we regrouping with?”

“The 12th Marines Commanded by one Celico lar….Something.”

“What happened?”

“They got it hard when the outer city fortifications fell.”

The convoy approached the rally point when they got hit. The whole front of the convoy was trapped between buildings and enemy armor. They were cut down while the rest of the group  fell back to the second rally point. When the got there they met what was left of the 12th Marines all 1in a half of them.

“Oh God what happened to you?”

“A Trap it’s a trap stay away from the first rally point!”

“We know………….who are you?”

“1st LT.Celico 12th Mar…..ines…….serial…….number….2395….5……2”

Ryan went to pick up what was left of the body. He felt the pain and was down before he heard the shot. A voice yelled from behind him.



“Sarge is down pull back!”

Ryan laid down and watched as his team left him behind he waited for it to be over before he would attempt to move.


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