No longer a Trailer

Ryan woke up in a cramped silent A.P.C

“What? What happened?”

“WW3” A voice coming from the gun turret

“Where’s my Brother where’s Cole!”

“He stayed behind so you could stay and you’re brothers dead.”

A strong fog of silence was over the platoon all the way back to base. The base use to be the Headquarters for the 2nd defensive line. But since the attack it was just 10miles short of being a secondary F.O.B (forward operating base.) UH-60 Blackhawk’s were flying with gunship escort for quick suppression Missions. The door’s to the bradley opened and Grunt’s were packed and ready to mount the A.P.C.

“Hey guy’s what happened you lose yo—”

He was silenced when his sergeant hit in the gut. Everyone else was quiet as they boarded the A.P.C Ryan got into his barracks and began packing his brother’s stuff. Suddenly the sky explode as J.S.F’s flew by the base ryan ran out at looked at the sky an entire fleet of aircraft were flying by. Ryan went back to his bunk and slept when he awoke it was just in time to see a handful of the dozen something aircraft return some barley managing to stay in the air. Then the report came I.C.B.M’s were Fired at H.I.T’s all over the content.

“This Is it the end of the world.”


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