A small trailer

“Ryan stood up his B.C.U (Battle combat uniform) in the warm desert sand next to him.

“Hey Cole did you hear my name?”

“Yeah man it sounded like.”

“My brother.”

(Faintly heard from a distance) “Ryan!”

Ryan looked out of his fox hole a small distant figure getting closer. Ryan was wondering what is brother wanted. They had been on sandbag duty since the “War” began, if you can call it a war, Not a single shot had been fired at the enemy since they crossed the Israeli border.

“Well (Ryan got up and reached for his helmet.) I gue-


Ryan was pushed down by the force of the round that hit near his foxhole. It must have been a 200m round at least. The thought of Jimmy rushed into Ryan’s mind. As he looked for his brother he saw him on the ground still at least 70m away.

“NO!” Ryan got up and ran towards his brother. When he got there he saw his brother covered in blood still in the desert floor. He got on his knees and put his arms around his brother, shaking him. “No! No! Not you! Anyone but you,

His mind went back to when he was young. It was bedtime when he heard a crash he ran into his mom’s room. She was on her bed he climbed up and shoved her awake falling to notice the shattered glass or empty pill case on the floor by the bed.

Mommy! mommy mommy say something mommy! Mommy i’m scared Mommy!


ryan snapped back to the present his brother was alive.


24 what Ryan said a smile growing on his face.

’24 thats the score I got at the range I……..I Finally beat you I di–he stooped to cough out some blood. I finally beat you.”

“Just in time looks like were going to need some marksman now that were really going to fight some bad guy’s.”

“oh I hadn’t noticed I want you (His voice got fainter) know I always looked up to….to…t…yo………………….”

“Jim Jim! Jimmm! Medic! I need A Dam! medic.”

“Ryan! Ryan.”

Cole ran grabbed onto ryan

“we have to get to the bradley.”

“We! can’t leave him his my baby brother he’s all I got cole.”

“I’m sorry but he’s dead jim’s dead.”

“God da…” ryan hits the ground cole had hit him with his rifle and was dragging his unconscious body to the waiting apc.

“I’m sorry Bro.”


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