Neat Stories Thanks to games

First if you don’t have Some of these games I strongly recommend you remedy that. Okay the first game I’ll talk about is Hero’s and Generals so in this massive mapped WW2 game you can play as the U.S. (Which Alway’s loses) Or the Germans I play as the Germans. So I got it when it first got on steam so me and a bundle of other Germans are preparing to zerg Rush the U.S. Fortification because we need it to win. And so I go on about this begging for the fatherland and we charge up this hill. And boy is was this intense and one second I,m Running up to a tank with a Bunch of explosives, the next theres some dude riding a bike and we all just stare at him as he rides past a massive battle like nothing’s going on. In the end only 2 guy’s survived the charge nether of which was me.

So Second is a terrifying story of epic stuff which happens a lot in this game called Red Orchestra yet  another WW2 game only there are russians Instead of Americans. So I was yet again playing as the germans so were setting up a defense I take up a firing position in a building on the side of were there coming from. So I was at a friends house we were both in the game and on the German side. And the Russians are Charging so it was cool just seeing them basically run into our meat grinder of a Killzone. sadly the other players didn’t know firing discipline and suddenly we stopped firing as the Hmg’s (Heavy Machine Guns) Reloaded. The Russians wiped out the men on the ground I went to leave the Building but they were already inside. My Friend sacrificed himself to give me a chance to escape how by jumping out the window to what use to be our killzone. I made my way back to base and even killed a Few Russian players. Right outside of base a sniper shot me and I raged.

That’s all I have for today excluding for one video I saw this was an animation I saw young be warned anime gore. (It includes nukes.)


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