And Now It’s Cold

So now It’s winter and everywhere is cold but my bed with it’s cozy blankets and unfortunately unlike normal people i’m more active during the winter. The main only real reason Winter sucks besides shoveling is no Airsoft because the gun’s need maintaing plus the rounds don’t work at all because physics. Oh and sorry I have not written anything in  forever i’ve been kinda doing things not really. yeah I got 2 New gas mask’s + my old one + my usual Military gear + boredom = Good times. The other reason is Games and the fact that during break I got 9 new games! Plus realized I am psychic I was at my buddies house and he was on his brand new Computer and I said he was going to blue screen and he did with in minutes he proceeded to forbid me from jinxing anything. My friend Kyle came back from Florida and that’s awesome because he’s like a Brother and The only one in Dayz that I trust. Here’s a Story from last year In my DayZ Group we have a system Kyle=Sniper, Me=Defensive leader, Kyle=ambush, Coming up with what we do, Where we make camp, Etc= Democracy! Everyone else=The group. One day we were walking Kyle was just being a loner and suddenly I hear Pop! and darbie just died so we Shi% bricks and took up a defensive position Kyle went into the bushes and was silent we throughout he was fleeing. So I yelled “Not one step backwards you cowards!” and fired into that bushes like a true Russian. POP! Timmy Down we still have no idea who’s Shooting us. Then Oscar with is awesome Mg(Machine Gun) Say’s he sees a couple guy’s on the left. So we prepared for them to charge When POP! Mitch is down he’s our unofficial counter Sniper. We defend there charge taking only extreme losses we thought we had won when POP! I was bleeding out and could’ent move Everyone Runs away and left me behind. I see the sniper but i Can’t move then I hear POP! and he drops and Kyle comes running out of the bushes gives me a Blood transfer and we become blood tight that’s all I have time for.


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