Another Mile A Second

I am now acknowledge the first actually like kinda rule of the Blog. The rule is at the end of all of every post I have to add a song from my Childhood.(Today will be Mr.sandman.)

Okay by request from not naming name (Celico) I will be wrighting about my thoughts on edge of tomorrow. It was oaky it had some ups and downs. I know it’s not much but hey when you say the title you knew what you signed up for. Oh and I have the best teacher ever. You see I have to make a diagram or model brain so I went up to my teacher and said hey instead of buying a brain or making one can I just get a live human brain. Hey said

“How would you do that”

“Some Chlorophyll and a machte.”

“Yeah sure I’ll give you a proficient………As long as you can mark it.”

(This is what I thought after he said that.)

sweet all I need now is some Chlorophyl and a marker…………Oh I could probably use a shovel.

So yeah………….Changing the subject now. Thats all she wrote enjoy the song and be safe(I’m talking to you phil you know what you you did!)

Yayy I can’t get it out of my HEAD! DAMMMMMMM YOU’RE GOOD MUSIC.


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