Leave Now While you STILL! Can.(It’s an informative post.)

So in Tribute memory what ever you want to call it of the Folk Fair. I will do a little something on THE WINTER WAR! this was a war fought between the USSR and Finland. Right before the Nazi invasion of the USSR it was Really pretty funny the Union thought it was a Bada** and that Germany would not invade it. Well there were wrong they got there A** kicked by the Finnish Army. And then Germany invaded and stalin was like “I did’t know there were going to be Germans! oh God I’m like Poland.) But that is now off topic, Back to the Winter War. So Russia began it’s invasion off Finland in the year 1939 and ended it in 1940. Well things were pretty bad but then Finland did something no one has ever done (Expect for the combined forces of Europe and Afaganstin.) Finland Beat the Soviet Union OMFG that small little Sovereign Nation Beat the Soviet Union. Just look at this map Seriously Finland is in the top left look at the Union compared to it oh it will be pixelated so finland is in Blue USSR is in red.


So after a Year of fighting the USSR realized it was screwed like really badly. Well goodbye everybody.


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