By Request

Okay well heres a quick summary of the Cold War. There once was a Nation called the USSR it’s like Russia only named differently. Well the United States Government went around trying to be the world Police. (I know kinda like now different threat.) Well after WW2 tensions were raised because the USSR wanted to own almost all of Europa. So we began a Massive! arms build up and at one point had enough nuclear weapons aimed at each other to kill Everyone 100 times over. So after Dozens off Proxy Wars later the USSR collapsed and we won yay. Well John also wanted me to do star trek and well I am deeply sorry john I know very little. but here are the basics its an intergaltic cold war and an alliance of planets called the Federation(NATO,European union,United Sates,etc) Were at war with the Klingons.(USSR) The only difference is that they went in to open war.


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