Okay I love Doctor Who it is my favorite show in the universe. I mean I make references about it often like when I first got my Israeli citizens Gas Mask, I said “Are you my momy”(Thats a reference to session one you should watch it.)imagesWell I have a somewhat unpopular love of the Dalek some of the things you can do with them is awesome. But I don’t want to sit here and wright about one thing forever.

Let’s talk current news for a second. The USSR opps I mean Russia (Not really) has sent Bombers over the Gulf of Mexico. We were like what the Hell Russia and they said they sent Bombers over in case we go to War over Ukraine. At that point the we went seems legit and here I think NO! they literally just said there were going to Bomb us . We should have gone hell Nooo you go home or we shot you down this picture will explain why.10_f22_raptor

So if you actually care about this kinda stuff wright what you would do. Side note you should care because they could bomb you.


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