My Return

I would like to declare myself a character from Dragon Ball z Simply because I die and come back so often. Thats right yet again I am back from the dead for the 100th time everyone get’s free pizza on me if you comment and I know who you are. And yes I will buy you pizza I get ten bucks a week for doing odd jobs around the place.

Now lets talk Nerdy DBZ or Dragon Ball Z for those of you who had a shuty Childhood. DBZ Is an anime where there are pretty much 2 OP people (Or super Space alien Fighters.) who defend Earth. There names are Vegeta and Goku and a bunch of other OP people come and fight them and they Win. Now what happens is Goku just dies comes back and is more powerful and beats what killed him. Then you have Vegeta who spends all his time Training to be as strong as Goku just to have him die and be stronger again. Well thats all for now.


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