A True Story P.T.2

Okay so Last time in my True airsoft story We bonzie charged. And failed horribly I mean I had to go turtle mode behind a tree stump. So more not that cool stuff happened (Zeus Flipped his stuff.) until I was put in a team with the drunken scotsman mark and justin. We (I.) came up with the master plan to pull a Ruse we would pretend to hold the hill while drunken scotsman hid in the brush on the bottom of the hill. We would retreat down the hill they would take it and fortify it and turn there backs to drunken scotsman  who would come up behind them with his Ak and lit them up, Cue Victory Music and all that nonsense. Thats not what happened we held the hill and pulled out but drunken scotsman  came out to soon and died (Did’ent even kill 1 guy?) so we had to resort to Guerilla warfare. So we lost but it was a valiant fight but introducing tactics changed every thing. So every one was cold exspet for me,drunken scotsman,mark,and Roosevelt so we played a game variant called vietnam. So drunken scotsman, and Roosevelt were the V.C. so they went into the woods and had 10 minutes to learn the area and set up. Me and Mark were the rand U.S.of A we had no idea of the turn and had to leave most of our useful stuff at base. So round one Mark took lead and we were walking ON THE GOSH DARN TRAIL! I am serious it was dumb but whatever. Well we took the first shot while we were on our GRAND! march I saw something moving and I leaned in a squinted (IT’s hard to see in a paintball mask with a hood on a dark day.) and boom roosevelt was right there I opened fire and so did mark when. TO BE SAID LATER (Or will it.)


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