Pure Fan Fic Pt.1


A Space Wolf  Space Marine.A standard Kiergs.(Left) A Kiergs wachmaster. A Lord Commissar and on the right a Kierg caption.

Last time the Death Korps bombed the Space Wolves and dug in. (This is the standard Kierg tactic if you read the Codex Astuteis.) Now the Trenches dug the laz guns charged the plan formed the attack would begin with a bang. Two space Wolves stood in no mans land there white shinny power armor now dark and dirty, Due to decades of crusades and war.

“So battle brother you hear the scribe today.” The one on the right said in a robotic voice due to his helmets voice modulator.

“No not yet. I was on my way when the marauders hit I didn’t even know we were on standby.” The other one said while moving to check a crater caused by an earlier artillery strikes.

Behind them a KIergs man with a radio hid in the dark reached for his radio and called in an artillery strike.

“Wait did you hear that.” The one on the left said jumping to attention.

“No wait I th-Ahhh.(BOOM!)” A round hit causing both Marines to Die ripped apart despite there Huemungus power armor and genetic tampering.

A Space Marine yelled for the team to check in or answer. When no sound was heard he began to walk toward were they were.”I swear if you two are drinking I will ring you’re neck-.”(He drooped to his knees seeing the cluster of limb intestines and armor in the creator where the two Marines once stood.) Seeing his chance the Guardsman attached his bayonet and ran up to the Marine striking his weaker neck Plate. He hit his mark and the Marine had fallen due to sheer shock of what had happened. The guardsman seeing his job was not done fired his lazrifle killing the Space Marine. What happened next would take the lives of thousands of men.

To be coutined.


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