Weirdest Dream Ever (And other stuff)

So I have quiet you tubers cold turkey for a month now because I have no internet access sept at school. And it has officially caught up with me. Last night my dream include me being hunted and killed by morgan freeman. I was walking through the S.C.P containment facility when I heard Morgan free mens say lines from shaw shank redemption. Then what I was doing was being narrated by Morgan Freeman. And at this point I wanted to cry then I heard breathing so I turned around and saw a black check with freckles and then blood and it was over.

Fan FIc Pt.2

Last time the Kierg ship arrived at Darien and were ordered to identify themselves.

“Sir we are being ordered to identify ourselves” A coms officer shouted across the bridge in a panicked tone.

“Well identify us” The lord general said in a sinister tone rising from is chair.

“This is the Heretics Demise we are carrying the 705th Regiment of the Death Korps of Kierg.” The coms officer says while until he is drowned out in shouting which erupted in the bridge.

The ensuring conversations resulted in War being declared and the Death Korps prepare for battle. On the planet the ground shook and air thundered as marauder bombers fly over the space Marines Fortifications and are bombed. Then drop ships pour out of the sky deploying brigade after brigade of Kiergs Men they take little fire as the Space Marines were expecting to deliver the first blow. The Kiergs men had enough time to dig in and prepare giving them the edge they needed to have a chance. Finally the space Wolves began there attack.

To be continued.


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