Fan Fic Pt.1


To find out what the Horris heresy was go to the vaults of terra on youtube and look up  the Horris heresy. In this fan fic which takes place in the warhammer 40k Lore the Death Korps of kierg is traveling in the warp when a warp storm pops up right there. And when something as small as a flicker has caused entire fleets to go out of sync or appear way of course chances of surviving were  0.1%. But they did and when they emerged they were millenniums out of sync and were in imperium space right before the heresy so it became there plan to go to Darien storm the heretic governs base and prevent horris from being hit with the xenos sword. There was a problem though they were not a imperial guard regiment yet so the space wolves legion of the space which accompanied horris would attempt to stop them. When start they would already be en route to Darien.

On board the command deck of the The Heretics Demise. A Commissar lord stands on the deck with a Caption looking into the warp.

“Be carful lord stare into the warp to long and you risk falling to chaos.” The Caption said seriously “Not only would it be a shame to burn you for heresy, we need you for the fight thats ahead of of us.”He said with a lighter tone.

“Well Caption think if we succeed the  god Emperor would not have sat on the golden throne for 41 milium, the Imperium would be different and I bet we would have defeated the eldar and the orks and have the tau, tyrands, and chaos on the run.” He says in a distressed tone.

“Sir you sound unpleased at this is something wrong? This has heresy all over it.” He draws his laz pistol.”Sir you have 20 seconds to explain this heresy NOW!”

“I WAS WORRIED THAT WE DIDENT SHAPE THE IMPERIUM! (Sigh) In the emperor’s vision.” He said in a mixed tone.

The Caption Holsters his Laz Gun”Sir I would like to leave the bridge we are almost there.” He said in a hushed tone.

“Yes go prepare the troops” The lord said while taking a seat.

4 Hours later on the command bridge of the demise.

“Sir! The space Marines are ordering us to identify our selfs.” A coms officer shouted across the deck.

“Well then identify us.” H says in a sinister tone.



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