Pay no Mind(spioler alertz) ignore this

fOR THOSE EVIL SOULS i AM WRITING 400 WORDS BECAUSE ITS FREE RIGHT DAY i AM ONLY EXSPALING THIS BECAUSE ITS ON MY MIND i am serious;tly  just looking at my keebaord so you can see how badliy I spel so please just get past the horror of my spelling I am an athest and am now spilling my guts out because yolo When Iwas told to make this blog i deciced I wase’t going to talk about me say my name race or gender but yolo so here  we go i hate relgion dont mind open minded relgous people but hate relgion i consider iy a tant upon the earth it only leads to death but thats not the point i really brlong to no polical party the closest one to my belive is socilism and more particular marxism so there you have it folks oh i hate t.v. fpr the most part some shows are good like doctor who or loney toons but thats mot the point some times people say im smart but i dont belive it i just go around life doing what i do prtending to be confident but really i am a nervious self consions wreck i am parinod and belive ebryone is lying to me kinda like the kid jonos in thiud story called the giver sorry ill name it spioler alert in the title which should count for somthing now i know how emodespro that sounds but f@#$ it you know i care what people care to a point because people are srtong and smart but to dumb to relizwe it it is a disgrace that people do wjat they do its hust jeuse chirts i am sick that eveyone acts dumb i think a lot of the kids in my vlass are smarter than me and it makes me ashamed and i cant do this im stopping at 316


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