A Space Story

Here is a story that takes place in space it has some sci-fi types of travel. “Captions report 371.M57 around 9:30 we had a slip space malfunction and are moving using our F.T.L(Faster than light) core. It should only be a 3 hour delay we made it half way in slip space there were no jammers when we drooped out. For the administration we were on red alert for six hours in fear of a pirate attack.”

“Sir Gravity well just went online we were pulled out of F.T.L no sign of another ship sir.”

“Battle stations!”

(End log)

There are four men in jumpsuits standing in a room with some terminals. one stands with a sense of authority as another is running out of the room. outside is a ship sitting there in the black void of space. The ship is long with three giant guns on the front big enough to rip through any pirate vessel (Or so they think.) in the whole atriums sector. The ship has U.S.S Sterion and a complement of varying turrets and missile launchers scattered though out the hull. When suddenly three spearhead shaped ships uncloke and fire the first 2 plasma rounds took out the shield the second hit the aft side of the ship blowing a huge hole in it. suddenly dozens of men are pulled out into the void of space before the breach equalizes.

12 seconds ago inside the aft section of the sterion. “Hey davious you going to go see you’re girl wh-Wtf! was that?”

” I don’t know.” (Giant hole opens up and davious is sucked out into space as the other man holds on to a wall) ” Davious! NOOOOOO! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!(Loses grip and flys’ into the vacuum of space.) Now back on the command deck the man who stood with authority is now sitting in a chair arguing with other men.”Sir”a man said standing upright the giant slash on his face gushing with blood “We need to fall back”

“Well first we need to destroy that gravity well.” another man shouted out abruptly.”

“No I was thinking we could just pull a magic wizard out of our pocket and wish ourselves back to atriums 6.” The scared man said sarcastically.

“SHUT UP NOW! why are we arguing instead of returning fire men are dying MY! men are dying while all of you sit here and argue. Shame on you all 5 years in the require fleet and another 6 in the advanced academy and when those lesions are needed you argue. While terrified Good! terrified men run around trying to get a hold of the situation.” The Caption screamed coming up from is chair.

Outside the three ships fire this time hitting a lower side of the ship doing more damage as 2 rounds made it through the shield. Out of the hull hundreds of good souls are blunged in to the silent dark abyss of space. Only right after this and in rapid succession the three main guns fire unleashing rapid explosive death and punishment upon one of the ships it is ripped apart.The reaming 2 ships return fire to no effect so they turn around and cloak.Men break in to cheer all over the ship. Suddenly  a Massive ship uncloak and opens fire. YO BE CONTINUED NEXT A SPACE STORY.


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