A True Story

Today my loyal readers I am going to tell a true personnel airsoft story names have been changed to protect the identities of people involved. So I was playing airsoft with my friends in the woods and ill do summaries of each round. The first rounds were mainly us just messing around no real winners or grand objectives(Like I don’t know the vietnam war) and usually I would tell you the funny jokes we made but most of it was wayyyyy to inappropriate. Around round 8 through stuff got interesting we had a Red Dawn moment.(The original one with the Russians and Cubans and the airforce guy.) What happened was my team was outnumbered it was just Me,Rick,and Charlie vs Mark,Zeus,John,Roosevelt,and Nick everyone else was sitting out. So our master plan was to have Rick and Charlie move across the creek bed and lay in the brush on the other end and wait for me to lead the Op.4(opising force)to them. So I took my trusty glock and ran toward them shot three rounds and ran back like a bat out of hell. So I get to the ambush point to see no one there and Roosevelt and Nick on my tale. so there I am hiding behind a tree with no cover. I ran up to Roosevelt yelling Wolverines! and shot him in the chest six times. Thats when zeus came out from behind. He proceed to take a pop shot at me so I booked it in the other direction and tried to jump over a fallen tree well I did’ent really jump considering I tripped and crawled behind the tree and yelled out then I emerged. Well they had Aks and a sniper (L-96) and I had my trusty glock so in the end I said “Oh fu%^ you got me Hit! Hit!(I wasn’t)” so when I pooped up from the tree they lit me up robocop style.(The original) Okay so I laid there and thank god not one hit me well you know the spot no ones to get hit in all of time. The next time something interesting happened was me Roosevelt,John, and The drunken Scotsman were on a team vs The rest of them so John had a sniper  the rest of us went into the brush till we were on a hill on the right flank of there position. So we were siting there and Roosevelt said “Wait till you here the sniper” not 30 seconds later what do were other than POP! “Sniper!” so we charge and just start lilting them up we almost took the entire hill. Till they lead a counter charge and we fell back well I fell back thats what happens when half of you’re team is wiped out and you’re outnumbered through. Well this post is getting a little long so I will tell you more later.

P.S. This one was at celicos request so yeah if you like it tell celico thanks.(I know I probably spelt it wrong sorry.)


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