Skipping the Great Depression and WW2.

Okay if I talk about WW2 this blog will never end I mean I love ww2. Hate nazis and death of millions of innocent people but I just love it. I also hate the atom bomb but what ever well go into that later. Today I am going to wright about something sooooooooo geeky. Dun dun dun da dun ANIME! For the record I don’t like the type of anime that’s just should we say “Fan service” like hotd or high school of the dead. But anime with story and that can play at you’re heart stings and mess with you. Like attack on titan or Tokyo ghoul. Oh yeah if anyone knows the name of an anime I saw a long time ago please tell me in the comment section? What happened was Men and Women went to war with each other and so after hundreds of years they tried an experiment, And had a small amount of men and women live on ship together who were just kid’s and it turned out one of the guy’s was like an a want to be god and they roam the universe being awesome. Okay let’s do a brief Anime history starting with one of my own personnel favorites. Full Metal Alchemist (I will do Brother hood later.) okay so in an alternate dimension were alchemy work’s a empire arose in what would be germany. Why you know it’s germany is in the movie the main character comes to this dimension from is land and end’s up in the exact spot only it’s verge of ww2 germany. Anyway the empire is called central and has districts like the west north bla bla bla. They expand east were they find Ismula inhabited by the ismulians (Middle East) and there god’s forbid alchemy and a war starts. And by war I mean massacre the ismulians are just destroyed i mean were fricking massacre them. But that’s all I can say or my teacher won’t be able to read it I need his help because if can’t tell I suck at Wrighting so later.

P.S. every great once in a while I will do a Blog post topic relating to something one of my friends’ like. Lord Of The Ring’s was riley Anime Is myself mark or Markiplier  is nick name and megan so yeah.


One thought on “Skipping the Great Depression and WW2.

  1. Read my Anime List, Allot to choose from! Watched the Entire Tokyo Ghoul Episodes, next Season is on January I think. My suggestions, Akame Ga Kill, Sword Art Online, And etc ( can’t think of anything else to suggest), Suggest me some Animes to watch too. -Mark


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