Zombie story PT.1

I can’t wright you know history all the time so I like to make up stories so here you are a zombie story.Field recording 37 day’s ago. “Ocelot to Diamond do you have us on thermals over?”

“Copy Ocelot the next room is clear you’re green to go over.”

“Thats not right we hear movement please confirm?”

“This is Eagle 2-6 thermals are clean Diamond is right proceed with the operation.”

“We need airsuport dear god what are these jesus fall back fall the f*&k back NOW!”

“This is Diamond to command ocelot is heavily engaged by hostiles forces permission to engage.”

“Negative eagle will deploy delta you objective is the same.”

“Copy command eagle is oscar mic.”

“Command ocelot’s trackers are reading out side the c.p. but thermals got nothing.”

“Command this is delta nothing here but shells blood and a leg sir .”

“Command ocelot is inside there not the same taking losses n..eed airsupo-Growel AHHHH! get it off oh dear god it hurts AH AH AHHHHHH!”

End field recording. (c.p. means command post and and oscar mic means en route.)


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