Major Events In History

okay so this will mainly be military related stuff other major events will be briefly mentioned. Okay so after the sinking of an american ship by the german’s america join’s the war. And yes as soon as we join the war the german’s began to fall back. But that doesn’t mean we won the war. The german’s we already on the run due to the allied attack’s. So contrary to what some people believe it wasn’t the u.s. army showed up and was like what you dug holes for four year’s we going to do stuff. So this is where some stuff happens the important stuff it’s now day’s away from the end of the war and a mustard gas attack makes hitler get sent to a medical post behind the line’s. Where he stay’s the rest of the war instead of fighting to death for germany which is what he wanted to do, now also important the treaty of versailles. This was pretty much setting up the stone work for ww2 and the current jihad were facing now let me explain. first during the the ottoman empire came to an end well the ottoman empire kinda kept the muslim’s calm without it the middle east went to hell.second forcing germany to pay incredible amount’s and forcing a very military oriented society to have a small army. Third racism we ignored what japan wanted even though they fought on our side so there ambassador stormed out and a few month’s later Japan began to expand. Because they figured   if they were big we would listen to them. We also made germany ripe for the forming of the national socialist party or the nazi party. At first hitler was sent in by is government to take a look and see if there were worth paying attention to hitler eventually became indoctrination with it like he became with germany during ww1.


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