I Am Not Dead and Lord Of The Rings

Hay I am back and have recovered from the plaque of horrible pain called the inability to wright on the internet. Today I am taking a break from world events in history and will instead do a quick summery of lord of the rings. In a totally different world a lottttttttt of bad stuff happened first there was an evil demon king who ruled the trolls goblins and ork’s (You know the usual stuff) so he forged rings for all the leaders of all the races,and the leaders took the gives and the demon saurian made another one which gave him power over these people. He then began a huge war or really massacre of all non evil things when his forces made it to the shire and were defeated by the hobbit’s. so the army’s of man and armies of elves united and attack saurian the king of man had a sword that could kill saurian during this huge battle the king is killed and is son is wounded when he takes up his fathers sword and cut of his ring finger making him lose his physical self and causing the ork army’s to flee. The new king took the ring and fell to it’s greed when his convoy was attacked the ring was lost until a guy found it killed his friend and became smegaul. Then the Hobbit happened but this is all I have time for you seeI have a teacher  he’s really awesome but the time we get for blog’s ether goes fast or is to short and no i’m not brown nosing because he read’s this other people do it to.


3 thoughts on “I Am Not Dead and Lord Of The Rings

  1. The king’s name was Elendil and his son was Isildur. Also, I think the Orcs did reach hobbiton but in the battle of the bywater it was alot of free-men aiding them ( i don’t know tolkien is so confuzzling (caption inside the caption: confused+puzzling).


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