Major Events And World Wars

Today I will continue to talk about major events in history.We left off in the start of WORLD WAR ONE! so the german,Austria-Hungary,Bulgaria,etc alliance became know as the central powers because there were in the center of europe for the most part.And the other European powers became known as the allied powers. So everybody should know about Winston Churchill well during the big ww1. He was in charge of the english navy and he came up with this awesome plan to resupply russia who was having a bad time. By moving a fleet through a strait that would be followed by a amphibious landing on the coast of gallipodli. The problem with that is the fleet had to go through a lot of ottoman and german ground and the fleet took losses right out the door and asked to retreat Churchill made them push on. The plan end’ed in a defeat and the the end of Churchill’s political career so he joined the english army and fought on the front as an officer. Now at some point in all this Adolf hitler who was broke and poor tried to join the Austrian military but was considered so unfit he shouldn’t even hold a rifle.He left his country and joined the german army and became fascinated with germany and it’s apparent supremacy, he spent the rest of the war on the frontline’s until in the last day’s a mustard gas attack made him go to a field hospital where he missed the last battles of the war.Now half way through the war germany needed to make the russian empire go kaput.So they found Vladimir lenin who was hiding in Sweden after being kicked out of russia for attempting to overthrow the czar. So germany would give lenin money and support so he could lead a revolution as long as new russia would leave germany alone. This lead to the rise of the Soviet union (And Joseph stalin) and the fall of russia. So a lot of fighting later germany was all that was left and america joined the war. I will continue later who i want to know if you want Chronological order or don’t care.


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