Major Events And World War’s

So as you know if you live in america yesterday was an anniversary to 911. Now if you don’t live in america you shouldn’t really know because it wasn’t a major world event, like pearl harbor, the fall of france german blitz, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, or collation invasion of the middle east, and the forming of Israeli, etc. It was a terrorist attack on the u.s. so why teach it in a foreign country we don’t teach every terrorist attack in Britain ,france, etc. So let’s talk about these major events for the next say 2 day’s. Let’s start with the forming of an alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary,The ottoman empire,turkey,Bulgaria. Then the Assassination of archduke Francis Ferdinand By a terrorist group called the black hand from serbia. So Austria-Hungary invade Serbia Russia doesn’t like this so they go to war with them and from an alliance with the other main European powers. Germany , the Ottoman empire , and the other formally mentioned countries rushed to there ally Austria- Hungary aid.Now as you know we invade the middle east for hitting new york city so ether we were the bad guys in ww1 or now you chose i’ll go deeper in to this tomorrow hopefully.


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