What This Blog Will Be

My name is [Data expunged] and this will not be about me. Why not only is my life boring it also sucks, but thats not the point. I will post mainly political or nerdy things unless something funny or interesting happens. so yeah lets do a quick run down down i am a [Data expunged] year old human. My political views are that of equality so as you can imagine i am a member of the [Data expunged] party. So yeah this is going to be my first post let’s get started.


I love the hellghast not the ones from killzone 3 there were just space nazis. lets talk about them for a paragraph and the fact that the isa were the bad guys first. As the lore goes the human race began colonizing plants paid for by corporations when a ship went missing stock sunk and the corporation sold the plants to the hellghast corporation. It now owned 2 plants the in hospitable world of hellghan were they left a few miners to get resources and the beauty full earth want to be plant called. vexsa. a few years passed and the isa attacked vexa killing millions of hellghast they fled to hellghan where the harsh atmosphere pretty much giving them supper canner. They made scholar visory as a leader and begins a massive military build up and killzone 1 begins.


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